Read Or Write Anywhere!

Summer is about to begin! But just because it's summer doesn't mean we should stop reading and writing. The YA Chicks— ViviBarnes, Christina Farley, and Amy Christine Parker—along with guest co-creators Lucienne Diver, Peggy Jackson, and Tara Gallina , are excited to...

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Florida Authors Help Build Literacy!

I am so excited about this new endeavor that a team of Florida-based young adult authors are doing and I'm a part of. We've created a Facebook page for teens, media specialists, librarians, teachers, and anyone who loves literacy to keep tabs on all of our: ·        ...

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Book Reviews of 3 Lucky 13 ARCs

One of the fun things about being a member of the Lucky 13s is I get to read some of the ARCs of the Lucky 13ers. Each author sends their ARC (advanced reader copy) in the mail to the first person on a list. That person reads it, signs it and then passes it onto the...

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UCF Book Festival

  This past Saturday I attended the UCF Book Festival. It was such a fun experience, but then I suppose any event that celebrates books is fun. There were heaps of activities and handouts for kids. Unfortunately my boys had soccer games so they weren't able to come...

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