Finding Success

 What makes us successful in life and how do we achieve the dreams we wish to acquire? Here are some thoughts I had: 1. Visualize what you want and then make a plan of action on how to achieve it. Often we have this vison of what we want for our careers, but I think...

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Interviewing Anna Staniszewski

I am excited to have Anna Staniszewski here on my blog to celebrate the release of her latest middle grade, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail! I must say I love the cover. It’s such a clever twist of the traditional fairy tale title. Here's the blurb: Jenny has finally accepted...

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An Author’s Christmas List

Do you have an author friend? Or perhaps you are an author and need to give your family a Christmas list.If so, here are some ideas to take along with you as you head out to the stores this holiday season:1. Books! 2. Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market3. The...

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What do you feed an author?

Spaghetti? Chicken? Pizza? Bee-bim bop? Not too long ago, my family and I were totally thrilled to have picture book writer Sandra Horn over for dinner. After all, she was flying all the way from England to Korea. I’d like to say she came all that way to visit little...

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