Found Poems with Rebecca Behrens

I'm so excited because today we're going to look at how to create Found Poems with Rebecca Behrens, author of Summer of Lost and Found, When Audrey Met Alice, and the Last Grand Adventure. Why create Found Poems? Rebecca believes they help us understand what is...

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Evolving Language with Jen Malone

Today I'm excited to have Jen Malone, author of numerous books for young readers and teens, here with a fun writing activity inspired by her latest release, The Art of the Swap. This activity looks at how language evolves and what it means to students. After all,...

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Show Up

Writing can be tough and sometimes we get distracted or feel inhibited by things like: 1. Past failures 2. Success of others 3. Our own inabilities 4. Time constraints 5. Lack of inspiration These are all real issues that writers face. If you’re like me, you’ve dealt...

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