Quick & Easy Tips for Writers

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with all the ways I can make my writing better. So I teamed up with four other YA authors-- Lori M Lee, Maureen McGowan, Karen Akins, and Mary Crockett-- to share quick and easy writing tips with you....

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Deconstructing the Editorial Letter

I'm doing a series of blog posts chatting about the publishing process. Today, I want to share how I tackled my editorial letter. As I mentioned here in this post, editorial letters are all different in some way, but essentially they have the writer revamping core...

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In Need of Pampering

My hubby is off to the southern tip of Korea, Kyongju and Jeju-do, for a high school discovery trip. I'm totally jealous (Sure, I've been, but still!) because Kyongju is the setting for my Korean taekwondo story. I could handle some traveling all in the name of...

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A Bad Haircut?

Right now I'm tearing my first draft into about a million shreds. I think it looks like someone with a really bad haircut. You know, chopped here, too long there, and maybe some mismatched dies scattered around that really need to be blended.But.... I'm excited! I...

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