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Revision! Taking Your Story to the Next Level

I have a new video for you today covering the topic of revision!

Have you ever felt like this when revising?

I have! Sometimes revising feels like I’m floating around lost in a black hole (I’m obsessed with LOST, BTW!).

Some of you have emailed asking for a video on additional revision tips. So I’ve created another revision tips video for you. In this video, you’ll find quick tips to help you stay focused, discover those issue areas, and keep you on track so you will come away with a stronger manuscript.

I hope you will find this helpful! Now go pour yourself a cup of coffee, watch the video below, and get revising!

In the comments, feel free to ask questions or let me know which revision tip resonated with you. Also, let me know if there are any other topics you wish for me to talk about in the future!

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