Acting Out Scenes from GILDED

Over on the OneFour Kidlit YouTube channel, I'm acting out some scenes from GILDED. Two of the scenes were actually shot in Seoul, South Korea. One was from my orange belt test where I had to break a board and the other is when I learned how to shoot a Korean horn...

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Asian Literature- The Royal Bee

Today's highlighted book on Asian literature is THE ROYAL BEE by Frances Park and Ginger Park. This is an elegant picture book about a boy named Song-ho from Korea who desperately wanted to go to school. But he wasn't from the wealthy families, the yangban, but...

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Exotic Destinations- Kyongju, Korea

Kyongju (sometimes spelled as Gyeongju) is one of the hidden gems of Asia and some of the oldest ruins are found there. It's located on the coast of the southern tip of Korea and dates back to the Silla Dynasty. Many poeple call it the "museum without walls" since...

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year! It's another new year in the Chinese calendar. I'm so used to celebrating it while we were in Asia for the last 10 years that it feels weird to know I have school this week! Bummer, right?I'm super excited about this year because it's the YEAR OF THE...

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Obsessed with the Hwarang Warriors

I'm a history fan. I totally love the stuff. Documentaries are almost as enjoyable as watching Jane Austen movies. In high school, I used to read my history books for fun. So when I moved to Korea, I was totally entralled with Korean history and especially the Hwarang...

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Korea’s Got the Coolest Stuff

A friend of mine sent me this link and I was like: "A virtual grocery store? Brilliant!"But the thing is, if anyone can do it, Korea can. They are so technologically advanced and service orientated, it's totally expected. Basically, it's a shopping experience catered...

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Hints of My News!

I can't say much so I'm just going to share some pictures with you.Kyongju Palace The Samjokoh AmuletThe Haechi The Tiger of Shinshi

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