I’m Going On Tour!

I'm super excited to be touring this fall with the YA Chicks- Amy Christine Parker and Vivi Barnes, along with guest Lynne Matson- this week! We will be visiting schools, bookstores, and the Southern Book Festival. Everyone that comes to our open-to-the-public...

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The Night I Said Yes

To celebrate the release of Lauren Gibaldi’s debut YA book, THE NIGHT WE SAID YES, I'm sharing about a night where I said YES. So here's my story that began as a nightmare, but turned into a fairytale. It was Valentine's Day weekend and I had flown up to Georgia to...

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I had the honor of reading Kat Ross' SOME FINE DAY in its early stages, before the ebook released on Nov. 11, 2014. After breezing through this stunning science fiction thriller, the story still haunted me long after I finished the book. The kindle version of SOME...

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1 Week Until SILVERN Releases!

I can't believe it. In 1 week SILVERN will be hitting the shelves! I'm so excited for you to read the next part of Jae Hwa's adventure. Lots of things are happening these days that my brain is on overdrive. But here's a quick rundown of everything in the last few...

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