Book deal

Mini Book Trailer

Today over at the MiGs,  I have a post with ideas of what to do after your book deal is announced. This is part II of a series. Check it out here. Lately I've been pretty busy working on revisions that my agent gave me on my latest book. I've also been researching a...

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At the MiGs- After the Book Deal

Over at the MiGs, I wrote a post called After the Book Deal- The First 3 Months, which will end up being a series on things you can do after you get your book deal. The whole process can be daunting and you might wonder, where do I begin? Hopefully this series, After...

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Epic Book Deal Contest!

This weekend has been overwhelming. I've been blown away by the well-wishes on Facebook and Twitter, the emails and blog posts. It's moments like these that all the years of late-night writing, tears over rejections and fighting self-doubt become worth it. I'm so...

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