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Korea’s Got the Coolest Stuff

A friend of mine sent me this link and I was like: “A virtual grocery store? Brilliant!”

But the thing is, if anyone can do it, Korea can. They are so technologically advanced and service orientated, it’s totally expected.

Basically, it’s a shopping experience catered for those too busy to shop. Tesco (similar to the American version of Walmart) has created a virtual supermarket in a subway station. While waiting for your train to arrive, why not get your grocery shopping done in the meantime?

I know, it’s a busy mom’s dream come true.

First, browse through the products on the wall. Then scan the bar code of the item you want with your cell phone. And viola! A basket of your goods will be delivered directly to your apartment!

See? It’s cool. Very cool.  

25 Responses to Korea’s Got the Coolest Stuff

  1. Ha, I’m all jealous of Koreans now. That’s awesome!

  2. Brilliant indeed. 🙂

  3. Yes! Thanks for the link Jen!

  4. Bish Denham says:

    I could see something like this being very helpful to those who are house-bound but can get on the computer. What a service that would be!

  5. Marcia says:

    I can well imagine something like this coming. Very neat way to fit your shopping in!

  6. Emy Shin says:

    Oh wow, Korea has the coolest things!

  7. Kelley says:

    Holy shyzah. That’s about the neatest thing ever. I have to share this <3 your newest follower.

  8. Bish- you are so right! We need this here in the States

    Marcia- maybe someday soon 🙂

    Emy- I know!

    Hey Kelley! Thanks for following and stopping by.

  9. Oh, that is very cool. Sure beats staring at the floor or the ads you’ve read a million times.

  10. Very cool…but I love going to the Saturday market here in France. I guess it all depends on the experience!

  11. I didn’t know Tescos had branched into Korea, they are a British firm but we haven’t got anything like that over here.

  12. I wish there were things like that here! It sounds very useful.

  13. We had Tesco in the UK too, but I never saw anything quite this cool! How awesome!

  14. Yes! Tesco is a British chain, but I a lot of the items they carry are Korean. It’s kind of like what they did with Costco (American company) and added in Korean items too.

  15. How cool. I’d love to shop like that.

  16. Talli Roland says:

    That’s crazy cool!

  17. Krispy says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty flippin’ awesome. Some stuff in Asia is just so much more convenient and techy! 🙂

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  19. Oh my Zombies, this has to be the coolest invention ever!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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  21. Ron Smith says:

    Wow. That is crazy. And cool.

  22. Ron Smith says:

    Wow. That is crazy. And cool.

  23. Ron Smith says:

    Wow. That is crazy. And cool.

  24. Ron Smith says:

    Wow. That is crazy. And cool.

  25. Holy mackeral. This is awesome. Could they put one in my bathroom so I can shop while waiting for my daughter to do her business? That would be a real time-saver.

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

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