exotic destinations

Exotic Destinations- France with Love

In honor of starting work on a middle grade set in France, I thought I would mention my favorite places I visited in France. My sister and I did a trip together and it was simply amazing. I love France. The whole country smells like flowers and fresh baked bread. Is...

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Exotic Destinations- Kyongju, Korea

Kyongju (sometimes spelled as Gyeongju) is one of the hidden gems of Asia and some of the oldest ruins are found there. It's located on the coast of the southern tip of Korea and dates back to the Silla Dynasty. Many poeple call it the "museum without walls" since...

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Exotic Destinations- Bali

Picture from Free Travel Guide to Indonesia Wild waves, tall cliffs, exotic dances, and ancient temples. This is Bali.And while I lived in Indonesia, it was one of my favorite escape places.Picture: A very sun-burned me weaving a hat from reeds.What I loved most about...

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