BRAZEN Synopsis and Giveaway Winner!

I'm so excited! Today is the first day of summer vacation for my boys and we are going to have a blast reading and writing and swimming. Heading to the beach is definitely in the plans! What are your plans this summer? Check out our book stack to start off our summer....

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Where Am I? #ReadOrWriteAnywhere

Summer is about to begin!  But just because it's summer doesn't mean we should stop reading and writing. I’ve teamed up with the YA Chicks and many participating authors on a global campaign to encourage readers, writers, students, and teachers to share pictures all...

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Spring YA Scavenger Hunt!

  I’m so excited to be a part of the Spring YA Scavenger Hunt! There are eight outstanding teams this season. I am going to be a part of #TeamRed! The Scavenger Hunt runs from April 2nd through April 5th beginning and ending at noon Pacific time on those days. If...

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A Reviewer Thank You

  Today I want to take time to THANK YOU! You are the backbone of why I'm able to keep bringing out stories because it's YOU who is reading, buying, sharing, and reviewing my books. I don't take your time or thoughtfulness lightly. And so to thank you for your...

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Poster Giveaway- A Reviewer Thank You!

Guess what arrived today!?! GILDED and SILVERN posters! I'm so excited about these 11x14 in. sized posters. I could wallpaper my house with them, but then my neighbors might officially call me crazy. So I thought it would be a whole lot more fun to give these away as...

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