GILDED Is Headed to Germany!

I'm so excited that can finally share the awesome news with you all. GILDED has been translated in German and will be sold in Germany!  This version will be released on November 11, 2014! The title, GOLDGLANZ, is a direct translation. For all of you who read German,...

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Writing with Multiple Plot Lines

While I was in Germany last summer, my family and I traveled mostly by train. I remember looking out the window as our train pulled into Munich station. I was amazed at how the tracks all merged into this one giant station. My writing brain couldn't help but think how...

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Summer Fun

I have 18 more school days left. 18!!!! And I can't deny that I'm just a teeny, tiny bit excited. Because I can't wait for summer to begin.I'm kicking off my summer by attending the Florida SCBWI Orlando Conference on June 16th at Disney. Here's the line up: Holiday...

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