Writing with Multiple Plot Lines

While I was in Germany last summer, my family and I traveled mostly by train. I remember looking out the window as our train pulled into Munich station. I was amazed at how the tracks all merged into this one giant station. My writing brain couldn't help but think how...

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Using a Plot Grid

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned pulling out my plot grid when I was revising a manuscript and promised to talk more about that later. Now that NaNo is finished and many of you have a very rough draft in place, it's key to pull out or create a plot grid.Why have a...

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Great Plots: Star Wars & Lord of the Rings

I'm a big, big, VERY big fan of both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (and C.S. Lewis and Stephen Lawhead too!). So when my husband sent me this link, I had a good laugh. Which inspired me to find this cool clip: Thinking about these movies, makes me wonder why I love...

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