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Announcing the Gilded Series Book 3!!!!!!!

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I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you that yes, there will be a Gilded Book #3! The Gilded Series will be a trilogy!



I know, you guys have been hounding me ever since SILVERN released and you got to the end of the book and were like:


And you wanted to hunt me down.



Especially since I didn’t have a solid YES answer for a book 3 yet. But thankfully you didn’t kill me because now I can be here to tell you that YES there will be a Gilded Series Book 3!



Last night I happily signed the contract with Skyscape and I got the go ahead to share the news with you.

There have been lots of guesses and speculation on what book three will be called. Bronzed seems to be the most popular. But that’s not it. Are you ready for it…..



Book Three will be called BRAZEN!


Just like in GILDED and SILVERN, the title symbolizes something from the book plus as you can guess BRAZEN is a double entendre (play on words).

When it will be released? Look for BRAZEN to meet the world on Sept. 29, 2015!

So what is this book about? Hmm… pretty much anything I tell you will be either spoilery for SILVERN or for BRAZEN.

But I can tell you:

1. It’s set in South Korea and _______. Oh! Can’t tell you that one! But I will say it’s a place I’ve traveled to.

2. All of the old characters and mythological creatures are back along with a few new ones.

3. You will get to attend a Grand Council meeting.

4. The stakes are even higher than before with more battle scenes, more strain on relationships, more mythological creatures, and well, MORE!

5. I literally cried three times while writing this book. I used to scoff at writers who cried over their manuscripts. I scoff no more because yep, I’m guilty!

6. It’s my favorite of the three. So just for that reason you’ll need to make sure you read it.

Okay, so I’m going to go now and be perfectly calm all day and write peacefully at my desk.


 Yeah, right!

5 Responses to Announcing the Gilded Series Book 3!!!!!!!

  1. Tez Miller says:

    Congrats! Will keep an eye out for pre-order links 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    AHHHH OH MY GOSH THAT’S AN ENTIRE 10 MONTHS TO WAIT!!!! It would be amazing if the Gilded trilogy becomes a movie!!!!

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