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skYAuthors Book Tour + Giveaway of all 4 Books!


Last week I went on a book tour with three fabulously talented authors, Jessie Humphries (author of the KILLING RUBY ROSE series), Lori M. Lee (author of GATES OF THREAD AND STONE), and Meredith McCardle (author of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN).


It was an amazing trip not only because we got to teach teens about writing, that we got to connect with fans, or that we got to meet teachers, booksellers and other authors, but also because we became best of friends. I love these girls!

2014-10-16 15.55.41

So you want the recap. For the short and sweet version, check out our video which includes the school visits as well as our fun shenanigans along the way.



Day 1-

Basic High School, Vegas

2014-10-14 12.09.49

Such a great group of kids who were really excited about writing. We literally jumped off the plane and dashed over to the school to make it in time for our visit with them.

Then we drove up to Utah and stayed at Jessie’s in-laws house. They fed us yummy smoothies and took pics of us. By the way, the views in Utah are to die for.

2014-10-15 08.00.42 2014-10-15 08.12.41 2014-10-15 08.24.17

Day 2-

Parowan High School, Utah

2014-10-15 11.01.54 2014-10-15 10.08.362014-10-15 09.45.03

This school was like stepping back in time. It had all of the charm of the Gilmore Girls.

Cedar High School, Utah

2014-10-15 13.24.54 2014-10-15 13.49.22

The students were so fun at this school. Jessie’s writing friend, Tasha Seegmiller, teaches here.

Main Street Bookstore, Utah

2014-10-15 17.42.50 2014-10-15 18.40.29 2014-10-15 19.13.20

Big shout out to Megan O’Sullivan, the bookstore owner, who asked the scariest and funniest questions of the whole trip.

Day 3-

Coronado High School, Nevada

2014-10-16 08.18.34 2014-10-16 08.21.45

The room we were in was packed out! Despite being so squeezed in and kids sitting on the floor, it was a great visit! The students were engaged and excited about our writing contest, Sky’s The Limit. Afterwards we were mobbed by the students wanting to buy our books. It was crazy! But a good crazy.

Northwest Career and Technical Academy, Nevada

2014-10-16 10.24.42  2014-10-16 11.45.46 2014-10-16 11.51.58

This school is gorgeous! We were super impressed with the media center and the cafeteria (pictured with the tarps). They had music blasting outside. It was a place we wanted to go to school at.

Then we went on a little trip to Hoover Dam!

2014-10-16 15.56.55 2014-10-16 16.04.42 2014-10-16 16.22.13 2014-10-16 16.23.42

Finally I got to see Hoover Dam! YAY!!!!!

Day 4-

West Career and Technical Academy, Nevada

 10156085_10205078020409416_1212810939521653041_n 1661499_10205078019489393_1094647932760981566_n 1012167_10205078018369365_7113559087283760807_n

These students were so sweet! They got us flowers and treated us like celebrities. Great group of students.

Woodbury Middle School

2014-10-15 10.10.35

What a great group of students. They were pumped about reading and writing and asked great questions.

Chaparral High School, Nevada

1794737_10205078017409341_8418688299381160484_n 10153671_10205078017129334_6730955541574141070_n 10288723_10205078017809351_8155077767414517234_n

 I love how the kids started taking notes here without any teacher telling them to!

Day 5- Vegas Valley Book Festival

 2014-10-18 10.11.55 2014-10-18 11.13.32 2014-10-18 11.16.55 2014-10-18 11.52.42 2014-10-18 12.07.34 2014-10-18 12.48.00 2014-10-18 12.49.19 2014-10-18 16.05.21 2014-10-18 17.02.14 2014-10-18 17.07.28

All four of us had a blast at the festival. Plus I got to fan girl by getting pictures with all of my favorite authors like Sherry Thomas, Demitria Lunetta, and Renee Collins. But I’m kicking myself for not getting MORE pictures. We were all just having way too much fun.

Jessie’s book launch of RESISTING RUBY ROSE

2014-10-18 20.44.31 2014-10-18 20.45.32 2014-10-18 20.47.19 2014-10-18 20.47.59 2014-10-18 20.50.53

We ended our trip celebrating with Jessie at her book launch of RESISTING RUBY ROSE. If you haven’t gotten her books yet, GO right now and buy them or borrow them and read them! They are awesome.

In fact, I can honestly say (because I’ve read all of these books) that all of these books are incredibly. Each one is so different and unique that they blow my mind.

To celebrate our tour and as our last hurrah, we are hosting an EPIC giveaway!


We are giving away autographed copies of our books! One winner will receive an autographed copy of GATES OF THREAD AND STONE, THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, and your choice of either KILLING RUBY ROSE or RESISTING RUBY ROSE, and your choice of GILDED or SILVERN. Plus a bookmark with each book!


Here are some smelling salts to help revive you.

It’s easy to enter. Comment below for an easy entry. Or to earn extra points fill in the rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May the force be with you!


19 Responses to skYAuthors Book Tour + Giveaway of all 4 Books!

  1. MissPhyre says:

    So sad I missed you guys while you were in Utah!!! Hopefully it won’t be the last time you’re here! I love the views here too, I love being able to hike mountains and desert all in the se weekend without having to leave the state.

  2. bn100 says:

    Looks like it was fun

  3. Wow, that was really an amazing tour!! I envy all americans who can saw you! *w*
    I don’t know if this giveaway is international because you didn’t specify, but I’ll try to participate! Thanks for the chance!! 😀

  4. Meena Vang says:

    I’m excited and can’t wait to read Silvern. Also, it looks like you ladies had a lot of fun!!

  5. Jocelyn Rish says:

    It looks like y’all had so much fun! A bunch of glamorous authors being glamorous. 🙂

  6. Natalie says:

    All of these books sound amazing. My TBR list just grew!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

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  8. Lucky says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun, I wish I could meet you guys! And all these books sound amazing, thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Sajda says:

    It looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for the giveaway =)

  10. Kaitlyn Abshire says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  11. It looks an amazing and fun trip! And definite flashback for me, seeing the names of schools in the Vegas Valley. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. […] attending the Vegas Valley Book Festival. Christina Farley has a great recap of our week together here! Plus, there’s a great […]

  13. Ashley White says:

    Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Georgia Parker says:

    Awesome! So glad y’all were able to share your passion with so many students!

  15. Michelle Lee says:

    Wish the tour came to Pennsylvania! I would have love to meet you all the amazing authors! Thank you for this amazing giveaway, Christina! 🙂 P.S. Loved GILDED <3

  16. Yun-a says:

    I’m reading Silvern right now and it’s so good! Wish the tour came abroad! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Miss Belle says:

    I really need to read these books ahh!

  18. This is the kind of time when I really wish I lived in the US to be able to go to these events! All the books seem amazing. I don’t know if the giveaway is international, but I’ll take my chances 🙂

  19. Thanks for the giveaway, there are a lot of great books to win!! 🙂

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