Traveling Sparks Inspiration

It's spring break for me! I've been very busy sleeping, reading and eating lots of chocolate. That's what spring breaks are for, right? Okay so I've also been putting my hours in at Disney (it's my secret job) and writing, too. But overall, just having lots of fun....

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New Blog Series- Exotic Destinations

I'm very excited about a new blog series I have planned for you. Basically every Friday I will be sharing about a place worthy of jumping into a jet and visiting. These will be places I've visited so I'll be giving you tips I picked up along the way. Whether you are a...

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Website finished!

Sick, sick, and more sickness all around our home. It's been a tough week here at the Farleys but I think I'm coming out of the murky darkness of sick bay. And here I'd planned on getting so much writing stuff done. Like polishing my query and synopsis. Yeah,...

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We’re back in Korea safe and sound. We survived the 14 hour flight and all the driving in between, only losing 1 out of 11 bags (don’t worry, we just forgot it on the conveyer belt and had to pay the fine to have it delivered to our apartment). This is what happens...

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Ninja Proof!

Inspired by Carrie as well as my fast draft of my WIP where my MC travels by the Immortal's secret channels to Japan, I've decided to do a post on Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan.Last year, my family and I went to visit my sister in Tokyo as well as took a jaunt down to...

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Totally Wild

Crikey! The animals of Australia are totally wild. While there, we visited the Australia Zoo (home of the Crocodile Hunter) and a wildlife preserve. It amazed me how unique Australia's animals really are.I mean, where else in the world do you have to worry about...

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