Traveling Sparks Inspiration

It's spring break for me! I've been very busy sleeping, reading and eating lots of chocolate. That's what spring breaks are for, right? Okay so I've also been putting my hours in at Disney (it's my secret job) and writing, too. But overall, just having lots of fun....

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Creating Unique Details in Your Setting

There is nothing that kills a story quicker than when it's set in the same old setting. Like the school cafeteria or the locker scene. Don't get me wrong, you can use those settings, but my challenge to myself if I'm going to use those settings is to find something...

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Tips for Setting Your Novel Internationally

Having lived overseas for 10 years and traveled as well, I love reading books set in other countries. Lately, I'm seeing more of these types of books and I think that's due to the fact that the US is becoming more aware of the world outside of its borders. There...

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