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Christine Fonseca Interviews Me

Hey guys! I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by Christine Fonseca over at her blog: Opening the Door to New Worlds.

Christine is a school psychologist by day and lover of books by night. So she began to blend the two together and wrote parenting and advice books for kids that delve into the often turbulent world of emotional intensity and giftedness. In addition to writing books related to giftedness, she writes contemporary, fantasy, romance, and gothic novels for teens.

Please stop by here and say ‘hi’!

4 Responses to Christine Fonseca Interviews Me

  1. Danyelle L. says:

    Awesome interview. You are truly a word ninja to be able to juggle kids, work, classes, and writing. Best of luck!

  2. Nisa says:

    It was a super interview! I’m so glad Christine interviewed you. It’s fun to hear about writers’ stories!

  3. Christina is great! Off to read the interview. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys! It is fun to read other people’s stories. I think for myself it really encourages me to keep going when things get tough.

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