Congratulations to My Agent!

One of the things I love about my agent, Jeff Ourvan, is he not only rocks at his job as my agent by placing my book into the right editor's hands, communicating quickly, and calming my worries, but he understands me as a writer. I think a lot of this stems from him...

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There are the everyday moments, the ones you never notice.Then there are the awful ones that wet your pillow with tears.There are the moments that fill you with precious memories.And there are moments you LIVE for.I've just had a LIVE FOR...

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Agent and Editor Panels

AGENT PANEL- Psst! Wanna Know a Secret?Now for the agent and editor panels at the SCBWI conference. Wow. What a fantastic lineup and they were so open and willing to share their thoughts. I jotted down some notes below and hope they can be useful to you!The agent...

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Agent’s Perspective on Trends

If you are confused, disheartened or downright frustrated over what to write or not write, check out Mandy Hubbard's post on chasing trends. She's got great advice, and I love how she breaks down the categories and shares her take on what editors are interested in....

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