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The Gilded Series Helps Bring Medicine to North Korea

Photo taken by Sarah Carpenter

Photo taken by Sarah Carpenter

As you may have remembered from my previous posts, a portion of all my earnings from my books go to charity. I’m thrilled to share with you a video that shows the results of the funds donated to Seoul Foreign School’s Dongdaewon campaign!

Every year Seoul Foreign School partners with the Eugene Bell Foundation to raise funds for MDR (multiple drug resistant) TB patients in North Korea. In SFS’s Hearts to Serve campaign they do plays, dares, bake-offs, and concerts to make this happen. A donation from every book in the Gilded Series that has been bought is also contributed to this endeavor. All funds raised go directly to buy medicine for individual patients since every patient’s medicine is unique.

If you purchased a copy of any of my books, thank you for making a difference in someone’s lives!

Dongdaewon 2015 from Sarah Carpenter on Vimeo.

How can you be a part of this? Visit the Unity in Action website. For the full story on the girl pictured at the top of this post, go here.

2 Responses to The Gilded Series Helps Bring Medicine to North Korea

  1. You’re flat-out amazing, girl!

  2. sassiekiwi says:

    Christina … there are not really words. Thank you. Thank you for caring about those up North, believing in hope and future for them and drawing attention to the great work Eugene Bell are doing. See you soon in Seoul!


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