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I Survived NaNoWriMonth!

I’ve emerged from my writer’s cave!

With a hello, a wave and the lowdown of my NaNo 2013 month. Did I reach 50k, you ask?

gifs photo: No no.gif


No, I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t even come close! I wrote 33k, but in spite of not reaching the NaNo goal, I’m still super stoked about my word count, and I’m having so much fun writing this new book. Plus, it was a great excuse to ingest lots of caffine!


starbucks photo: Starbucks Starbucks.gif


It does mean that I’ll be going into December needing to write as much or perhaps more than November. So there will be no relaxing for me this holiday season. BUT lots more Starbucks!

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to the last month, you can watch my video showing all the small clips that I made throughout the month.


Did you do NaNo? How did it go for you?

11 Responses to I Survived NaNoWriMonth!

  1. Bish Denham says:

    Congratulations, Christina! I didn’t do NaNo this year, had too many other irons in the fire.

  2. leandrajwallace says:

    33 K is still pretty awesome! Stock up on treats and caffeine to get you through Dec. 😉

  3. Andrea says:

    Wow! Christy, you got a lot accomplished! Keep going!

  4. That’s awesome what you accomplished. I didn’t do NaNo and didn’t get any writing done this month. But soon I will.

    • Thanks! I’m that way about some months of the year and normally I’d chalk November as one of those months. But there is something invigorating knowing that you’re writing words along with a huge group of other people!

  5. Woo hoo. Congratulations. I hope you have a restful December.

  6. Impressive word count Christina! I did NaNo last year and won! It’s hard work, but the results are worth it. I skipped this year to rewrite my NaNo novel from 2012. Maybe next year we can cheer each other to the finish.

  7. kimkasch says:

    I’ve never been brave enough to go the distance. . .

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