Month: April 2010


I've been given the Beautiful Blogger Award from Kate at Trees Are Not Lollipops.And the Creative Writer award from Nora MacFarlane at Lemons for Lemonade.Thank you girls!

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Go and Write Crap!

Okay, so that title could really be misinterpreted. But let’s face it. Not many of us sit down and whip out a shining, sparkling first draft. If you’re like me, that first draft is full of stinky, smelly, disgusting stuff. And I’m here to say, don’t bash the garbage....

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Asian Literature for Kids

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big, big fan of multicultural fiction. Not only do I get to learn about new cultures, civilizations, but I get to ‘travel’ to new places. Very cool.I tend to be bias to Asian fiction, but you can’t blame me after living in Asia...

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Revising My 2nd Draft!

This week I’ve been rocking out my 2nd draft and I’m pretty excited about it. For 2nd drafts, I don’t necessarily look at sentence structure, grammar, or spelling (my fast drafting critique buddies are graciously putting up with these errors right now!). Instead, I’m...

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Kkultarae- Traditional Court Cake

After our SCBWI author dinner, a couple of us decided to take a stroll through Insadong. We spotted these guys making kkultarae and reciting the process in Japanese! We asked them if they could recite it in English."Of course!" they said.These guys were quite the...

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Very Cool Contest

Sarah with a Chance is having an awesome contest with great giveaways such as agent critiques and Twizzlers. I know you might be interested in the agent critiques but I'm really all about theTwizzlers! It's been MONTHS since I've had one. Like 8 months! I need to stop...

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Contest Winners and Cool Links

Congratulations to the seven winners of the Shopping in Korea Contest!!!!! Here they are: Silk Bag- Karen GowenBookmark- Jennifer HammonsMini Notebook- Julie DaoPurse- CarolNecklace- Naomi ThomsponCoasters- PJ HooverChopsticks- Victoria DixonMagnets- Rebecca...

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A Tour of Insadong (as promised!)

So last Friday night, while I was at the author dinner (see here), I took lots of pictures for you all of Insadong. Yes, I was thinking of YOU!Insadong is my favorite place to shop in Seoul. If you come to Seoul, go there! If you're taking the subway, take line 3 to...

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Q & A with Emily Gravett

This past weekend, our SCBWI chapter here in Korea had an author dinner with award winning, British author and illustrator, Emily Gravett. What an amazing experience!The author dinner was located at O SeGyeHyang restaurant in Insadong (yes, I promise to post pics...

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