Month: March 2010

Shopping in Korea Contest!

Not too long ago, I passed my 100 follower mark. WOW! I'm so thrilled to be a part of the blogging community. This calls for a celebration!If you like to shop as much as I do, then this is the contest for you. There are so many contests out there, but I wanted...

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A New Look

I'm trying out a new look here. What do you think? I'm having trouble getting rid of the search function due to my lack of HTML coding abilities. Any advice, I'm open to your thoughts!

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Making Connections

Yesterday I was out doing errands with my two boys in our dong (that’s Korean for neighborhood). Our first stop was the bakery and while I ordered bread, my boys’ cheeks were pinched and chocolates were handed out. Now this is the same bakery we’ve gone to for eight...

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End of Publishing?

Times are changing and with it, so is the publishing business. For some people this is an exciting time. Others worry.This discussion came up in our latest SCBWI meeting. We talked about how the music industry made the change, but really struggled and resisted it at...

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Unifying to Bring Healing to North Korea

The school I teach at, Seoul Foreign School, is in the midst of coming together to raise money to provide TB medicine to a care center in North Korea. If you are interested in finding out more about the Dongdaewon Care centre click here.I'm not sure how much you know...

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Dreams Come True for Beth Revis

I am totally freaking out with excitement for Beth, my very cool and smart critique buddy. Why? Read this:In another major YA acquisition before the Bologna Book Fair, Ben Schrank at Razorbill pre-empted North American rights to the debut novel by high school teacher...

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Presentations are Done!

This past Friday I presented three workshops at the KORCOS conference here in Seoul. Nearly a thousand international teachers from across Korea gathered together to learn and share ideas. I shared about writing- of course! One of them was on bookmaking, I was honored...

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Authors Interested in Skyping

I am doing a presentation for teachers next week called “I Hate Writing!” In the talk, I’ve listed one way to motivate students is to hear their favorite authors chat about what motivates them to write and how they craft a story. But bringing authors to Korea is...

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