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Some People Dream, Others Hunt Them Down- Meredith McCardle


 Some People Dream, Others Hunt Them Down

Plus a giveaway of an autographed hardcover of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN below

by Meredith McCardle

There’s a song that’s very special to me. A song that’s gotten me through some rough times in my writing career. Through form rejections to my query letter. Through scathing letters from editors who clearly only read a few pages of my manuscript. Through plot points that won’t work themselves out and through characters who won’t behave. And mostly through the crippling self-doubt that can plague anyone trying to pursue a dream.


That song is Head Full of Doubt by the Avett Brothers. It’s hauntingly beautiful (with a video to match), and whenever I need it, that song is always there to inspire me.


Or watch it here on YouTube.


There’s one line in particular that resonates with me:


There was a dream and one day I could see it

Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it


Because, for me, that’s what a dream is—a bird trapped in a cage. And some people are content to leave the bird there, to never let it spread its wings and soar. But there are other people who can’t listen to the bird rattling at the cage doors anymore, who know that birds are meant to be free…and they open the door.

I suppose it’s fine to live in a dream world, to imagine what if without having to take that terrifying first leap. But, as someone who swallowed the fear and took that leap, there’s no comparison between imagining a dream and living a dream.

Open the cage. Unlock your potential. And let your dreams soar.

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Twitter: @MeredithMcP

I grew up in South Florida dreaming up stories in my head and writing down the good ones. I attended the University of Florida and received degrees in both magazine journalism and theatre. In a moment of sheer practicality my senior year of college, I realized that journalism wasn’t my passion and that theatre was nothing more than a hobby, and I went to law school. After graduating from Boston University School of Law, I spent seven years working as a commercial litigator by day and toiling away as a writer by night. Following the birth of my first daughter in late 2009, I left the law behind to focus on my writing full-time.



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3 Responses to Some People Dream, Others Hunt Them Down- Meredith McCardle

  1. bevbaird says:

    Loved the song – and your advice!

  2. Morgan says:

    I want this book so bad, this book is right up my ally!! Fingers crossed and thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  3. bn100 says:

    Nice song

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