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Packing Up and Heading Back to Korea

Has the summer already ended? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Me: (Sigh and pouting face)

But I must say I had a really relaxing summer. I read like 15 MG and YA books (Heaven!) and got all caught up chatting with family. Disney was fabulous, as always. Micky Mouse says hi BTW.

And to top it all off, it looks like we sold our house (still waiting for that signature and check in hand to actually believe it) and we bought a new house (or a slice of grass at least) that is being built.

Only bad news is I didn’t get another full revision done. I know. Very naughty. But fear not, I’ll be burning the midnight oil (actually I prefer blueberry scented candles) soon enough.

While playing around on the Internet, I found another great blog. If you’re a writer, it’s a must to check out. Great stuff there. She’s even having a contest that I have to tell you about (only because she’s making me to enter). If I had my way, I wouldn’t tell you so I’d win, win, win!

Guess what she’s giving away? FIRE by Kristin Cashore!

12 Responses to Packing Up and Heading Back to Korea

  1. Rena says:

    Good luck with your trip back home, Christina. It sounds like you had a great summer.

  2. MG Higgins says:

    Have a wonderful trip home! Thanks for the kidlit link. I’m going to check it out.

  3. Congrats on the new (future) home! Is it in Toccoa? Have a safe trip back to Korea. Hopefully the school year will pass as quickly as the summer did. 🙂

  4. Danyelle says:

    Good luck with everything! I hope it goes smoothly. 🙂

  5. beth says:

    Personally, I think you’ve gotten quite a bit done! Be proud!!! Have a safe trip back!

  6. PJ Hoover says:

    Is it really time to head back!!!!! Wow. Have a great trip!

  7. Angela says:

    Congrats on selling your house and building! Talk about exciting. Sounds like a great summer, all told.

  8. Kim Kasch says:

    Cutest pic. Hope you have a wonderful trip – I love going home. It always reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

  9. Ghost Girl says:

    Thanks for the website, and have a safe and wonderful trip back to Korea. Good luck with those revisions, too! (BTW…I agree with beth—you’ve done plenty!)

  10. Have a safe trip back! I know what you mean about school. I’ve already been in meetings for the coming year. I’m not done with summer yet!!!

  11. Kelly Moran says:

    adorable pic.
    great blog. i’m following you now. you should pop over/follow mine. i have all things books…
    nice seeing you.

  12. C.R. Evers says:

    Have a great trip back! I’ll be waiting for your update!

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