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Moving Contest

Yikes! Only 7 more days until we leave Korea. So much to do. Chaos reigns at my house. Tomorrow is the last day of school. And did I just say we’re moving in 7 days?
Yeah. We are. I’m only slightly freaking out. Okay, that’s a lie. I’m totally freaking. And crying. And excited to see my family (slight pause for a little jig).
In the midst of getting rid of a LOT of stuff, I’m also giving away a bunch of my books. But I thought you, my dear, wonderful, exceptional bloggers (should I call you DWEBs?), would like some of my MG and YA books.
So I’m giving away two big packs of books. Oh the fun! Nothing new, but totally great reads. And like my reading tastes, a very ecletic bunch.
I don’t have much time so this contest is going to be a quickie. AND I’m only giving these stacks to my dear, wonderful, fabulous bloggers. (The DWEBs- yes, I drank too much coffee today) 
So I do hope you’ll help me move and enter the contest.
PACK AHoles, A Jigsaw Jones Myster, Cinderellis and the Glass Hill, Frindle, The School Story, Ralph S. Mouse
PACK B- The Elements of Style, Pure Dead Trouble, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Twilight, The Host

Hurry! Because contest ends Sunday, June 14th NOON (that’s like the middle of the night for me).

9 Responses to Moving Contest

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my gosh YAY!!! How exciting that you are days away from leaving! How nerve-wrecking as well I can see!

    How cool that you are giving away some awesome books! I saw Elements of style and I remember Stephen King embedding that title in my brain! Oh what I would do for prize B pack!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh, wow! You must be crazy excited and crazy busy!!!! Good luck with your move and thanks for having a wonderful contest in the midst of the chaos!

  3. Talli Roland says:

    Wow, how exciting! I know how crazy it is to move around overseas and such, so I wish you luck and sanity! 🙂 I won’t enter the contest since I’m in the UK, but what a great contest!

  4. Jackee says:

    Such a scary, down to the wire thing. So sorry! But I’m excited for a chance to win some of your horde. Thanks!

    And I’ll be sending good moving vibes your way–hoping you get everything done in time. Good luck!

  5. Angela says:

    You must be so excited to see family again! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your Korea experiences on your blog!

  6. Yikes!!! It’s coming up so fast!

  7. Neato! Good luck moving, what a huge undertaking. I hope your writing life is on your comp and not on paper…

  8. Kristin says:

    Oh I cannot imagine how excited/frazzled you must be! Good luck getting it all done! Deep breaths. 🙂

  9. Thanks guys! It’s been even crazier today. We are clearing out so much stuff. All the food is gone- yeah! And now we’re recycling the bags and boxes of junk. Everything must be recylced here so it’s a big job.

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