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I WON’T GIVE UP – Kit Grindstaff + Giveaway

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Giveaway of audiobook of THE FLAME AND THE MIST, bookmarks, buttons

by Kit Grindstaff

My contribution to Christy’s GILDED launch-a-palooza was done. Blog post written. Ready for a last read-through before emailing it off. I emailed Christy to let her know to expect it. A song was the last thing on my mind.


But then, a song is exactly what barged into my head: “I…won’t give up!” One I’d written and recorded a few years ago. Insistent. Persistent. LOUD. About…well, exactly that. Not giving up. I’m more interesting than your blog post! it cajoled. Why not use me?


Photo from Media Commons

A song for a determined protagonist…well, why not? “No matter what, never give up!” my heroine, Jemma, is urged by her beloved ally as she’s about to be abandoned to the evil ones’ clutches. Words that spur her on in dangerous times to come. Jemma may feel like giving up, but of course she doesn’t.


Surely GILDED’s MC, Jae, is no quitter, either.


I emailed Christy again, attaching an mp3 of the song and asking what she thought of the idea. The answer: a resounding Yes! “I got chills listening to it,” she replied, “because it really represents my book and Jae perfectly.”


I was thrilled that it tied in so well with GILDED, and to be able to share it in support of Christy’s debut. Here are links to it on Myspace and Soundcloud. Let the music play!


And let GILDED soar…


Listen to the song in one of these locations: 

I Won’t Give Up (myspace)

I Won’t Give Up (SoundCloud)


Kit is the author of THE FLAME IN THE MIST, a dark, magical middle grade for fantasy lovers ages 9-90. She is also a professional songwriter, writing under her maiden name, Hain.

 “I won’t give upwritten and performed by Kit Hain Grindstaff © Kittus Music/Wild Pink Music




Kit’s music website


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