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GILDED’s Virtual and Physical Book Launches

Yes, it’s true. I’m having two launches! One of the reasons for this is that I have so many amazing friends who live in the far four corners of the earth (*waves!*). Even though they are so far away they are some of my biggest supporters.

GILDED's Virtual Launch Invite- Facebook

So I’ve asked some of my amazing friends to join me for my Virtual Launch on March 1st! Every hour a new post will be shared and let me tell you, these authors and writers have some amazing things to share with you. The theme for the virtual launch is “Shoot for Your Dreams“.

Add it to your Facebook events page here so you won’t forget!

So often when we are trying to reach our dreams, we are met with roadblocks and disappointments along the way. These obstacles can stop us from reaching our dreams. On March 1st, I hope that you will not only be encouraged, but inspired and empowered to go out and achieve the dreams that you are longing for.

GILDED's Virtual Launch Invite

March 1st Schedule

8:00 am- Christina Farley- Intro + giveaway of critique pack (query +3 chapters)

9:00 am- Andrea Mack- Shoot for Your Dreams with Determination and Patience

10:00 am- Erica Cameron- giveaway of SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE

11:00 am- Casey McCormick & Natalie Aguirre- Follow Your Dream At Your Own Pace + giveaway of 2 hardcovers of GILDED

12:00 pm- Elisa Nader-Shot through the Heart: 7 Ways Following Your Dream is A Lot Like Falling in Love + giveaway of signed hardcover of EDEN

1:00 pm- Kit Grindstaff- I Won’t Give Up + giveaway of audiobook of THE FLAME AND THE MIST, bookmarks, buttons

2:00 pm- Vivi Barnes- Keep Focusedgiveaway of OLIVIA TWISTED

3:00 pm- Beth Revis- Giveaway of autographed paperback of SHADES OF EARTH

4:00 pm- Debbie Ridpath Ohi- Aim High! + giveaway of audio of GILDED

5:00 pm- Amy Parker- Equipping Your Arsenal +giveaway of a GATED pack (2 winners- audio and t-shirt and bookmarks)

6:00 pm- Robin Constantine- Fill the Quiver (with inspiration) + giveaway of THE PROMISE OF AMAZING

7:00 pm- Meredith McCardle- Some People Dream, Others Hunt Them Down

8:00 pm- Maureen McGowan- Let It Fly + giveaway of choice of either DEVIANTS or COMPLIANCE

9:00 pm- Christina Farley- Closing

GILDED Book Launch Invite

PLUS! If you live in Central Florida (or even if you don’t) you are all invited to my physical book launch at the Windermere Public Library. Add it to your Facebook reminder here. There will be prizes, refreshments, Korean themed activities, and a book reading and signing. All ages welcome. Books will be available to purchase at event or bring your own copy!

I hope to see you all at both or one of these events!

4 Responses to GILDED’s Virtual and Physical Book Launches

  1. So awesome! I’ll be there. Virtually 🙂

  2. […] forget to come to GILDED’s Virtual Launch right here on my blog on March 1st for a day of inspiration and […]

  3. Excited to be part of this, Christy! One day to go…Excited, much?? 🙂

  4. Already putting on my party clothes!!

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