My Year In Review

What an amazing year! Each December, I take time to reflect over my year and the goals I set for myself the previous December. I always find that taking time to reflect helps me determine if my goals were on target, and it helps me figure out my steps for the next...

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Lists, Resolutions, & Action!

Every year, I make goals. I found this old post here where my goal was to finish GILDED. It’s crazy to think at that time I had no idea that book would someday go on to be published and hit #4 of all books on Amazon and #1 in the YA category. I’ve found creating...

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Word of the Year

Happy New Year guys! I can't believe it is already another year. I don't know about you, but I'm so excited about 2012.Most of you know me pretty well and that I'm very goal driven. It's a great thing if I want to get a job done, but it can borderline on being a bit...

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Another Year

It's a little shocking when I look and see when I last posted. Eek! But this past month has been such a good one and I've had so many wonderful moments this holiday with my family. It's been a very long time (10 years!) that we've been in the States near family for...

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