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The Immortal Secret

I’m thrilled to share with you my newest story, THE IMMORTAL SECRET, releasing weekly on Kindle Vella!

A sizzling romance of supernatural thrills, impossible choices, and heart-stopping adventure.

When Estrella Milton moves to the mysterious Home for Girls after an explosion left her orphaned and amnesic, she’s haunted by strange visions that hint her entire existence is a lie.

Desperate to discover her true identity, Estrella begins investigating her past only to uncover dark and terrifying secrets of her abilities. Her life spins further out of control when she meets Dion and Tristan, two rivals for her heart. One who wants to protect her from the past while the other wants her to embrace it.

As she debates who to trust, she unwittingly thrusts herself and her friends at the Home for Girls into a far greater danger than she could ever imagine. But once she starts remembering, she realizes it’s too late to go back to who she once was. And her secret is too powerful to be contained.



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I have more great news! I just released the standalone novella, THE IMMORTAL LEGEND. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you get this 100-page book for FREE! To join my newsletter, sign up here and get your free copy. This is a prequel to THE IMMORTAL SECRET.

A legend so powerful, it can’t remain hidden.

It was supposed to be a routine field trip to New York City. But when Estrella and her classmates arrive at The Met, they quickly find themselves thrust into a dangerous battle for an ancient relic. Things become more complicated when her powers are inexplicably drawn to Dion, a gorgeous and powerful immortal assigned to her team.

Estrella must use her abilities to not only protect her loved ones but also stop her enemy from obtaining the powerful artifact. As sparks fly and flames ignite, Estrella must use her strength and cunning to outwit her enemy while navigating her growing feelings for Dion. Friendships will be tested and sacrifices must be made in this heart-pounding adventure of love and legends.

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