The Immortal Bound Series

The Immortal Bound Series

A YA Contemporary Romantasy series featuring multiple POVs, immortals with elemental magic, forbidden love, amnesia romance, love triangle, kisses only, and a happily-ever-after series.

The Immortal Legend by author Christina Farley

The Immortal Legend (a novella)

A legend so powerful, it can’t remain hidden.

It was supposed to be a routine field trip to New York City. But when Estrella and her classmates arrive at The Met, they quickly find themselves thrust into a dangerous battle for an ancient relic. Things become more complicated when her powers are inexplicably drawn to Dion, a gorgeous and powerful immortal assigned to her team.

Estrella must use her abilities to not only protect her loved ones but also stop her enemy from obtaining the powerful artifact. As sparks fly and flames ignite, Estrella must use her strength and cunning to outwit her enemy while navigating her growing feelings for Dion. Friendships will be tested and sacrifices must be made in this heart-pounding adventure of love and legends.

The Immortal Secret by author Christina Farley

The Immortal Secret

A contemporary romantasy full of supernatural thrills, forbidden romance, and heart-stopping adventure.

A secret so powerful, it can’t be contained.

Step into a world where immortals reign and power is everything. Estrella, an immortal stripped of her memories, is banished to live as a mortal at the mysterious Home for Girls in Florida. She begins to unravel the mystery of her past and discovers dark and terrifying secrets about her abilities.

But when she meets two immortal rivals for her heart, her life spirals further out of control. One offers protection from her past, while the other urges her to embrace it. She debates who to trust and unwittingly thrusts herself and friends at the Home into a struggle against the powers who put them there.

Yet as memories resurface, Estrella realizes her forgotten past holds a secret more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. She must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice and who she can trust her heart with.

Packed with action, elemental magic, and swoon-worthy romance, this is the first in a YA series that will keep you turning the pages to the dramatic end.

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9864624-3-1

Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9864624-4-8

Silvern by author Christina Farley

The Immortal Heart

Releasing on Nov. 4, 2024

Alliances must be forged, ancient secrets unveiled, and the power within her rekindled in this YA contemporary romantasy, the sequel to The Immortal Secret.

A love so powerful, it can’t be denied.

In a world where trust is a fleeting shadow, Estrella finds herself on the run from those she once called allies. Betrayed and hunted, she makes a daring escape with the one person she’s been told never to trust. The Sabian prince.

Together, they journey to the Sabian Kingdom where Estrella must navigate a landscape of danger and intrigue. Determined to do whatever it takes to rescue her friends, she enters a world of glittering balls and whispered secrets of a lost tablet, rumored to hold the key to the immortals’ power.

But amidst it all, her heart is torn. Should she open it to the prince who stood by her side? Or return to the one who held it from the start?

Packed with swoony romance, elemental magic, and mystery, The Immortal Heart takes readers on a thrilling adventure.

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9864624-5-5

Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9864624-6-2