Month: July 2010

Writing Space

So my biggest issue I'm dealing with right now is finding time to write. I don't have a writing area set up yet, but I do have a room all to myself for my writing. I'm so excited about it! I need to think of a name for the room besides office. Office sounds so bla....

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Hello Florida!

Hello my blogging buddies! It feels like forever since I've blogged. Between the move and Internet problems I've had trouble finding time to blog. I'm now living in sunny Florida and I love it here! Who can't love swaying palm trees, bright sunny days and swimming...

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MiG Writers’ Contest- Don’t Miss Out!

My critique buddies (The MiGs) are having a rocking awesome contest over at our new and improved blog. Come on over and post a one sentence summary of your WIP.What do you win? A critique of the first ten pages of your novel. By all six of us! Yeah, pretty cool,...

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