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SCBWI- Mark McVeigh: Synopsis

Mark McVeigh: Synopsis
LOVED this editor from Aladdin (S&S). He was real and just fabulous.
There are different types of synopsis:
1. Summary of the novel
Must include-
Who: name of MC and secondary character
What: conflict that drives the book
Why: Reason for the conflict
Where: Setting
Time: Time period
2. Query. He spent the most time on this.
· Answer fits into 100 words or less
· Give the editor names of other books or movies similar to your book as a tool to sell the book to the marketing division at the publisher. Don’t use Harry Potter or Twilight!
· Hit as many things about the character which is the most important
· Setting is also important
· Remember 80% commercial and 20% literary
· Kill all adverbs
· Write simple declarative sentences
· Write to the point
· Keep it impersonal
· Start to finish- tell the ending
· Be accurate
3. Brief statement (used at a cocktail party or random chance at meeting an editor or agent)
· 10 seconds or less- people will only listen for this lond
· Must have who- 1 or 2 people in your story
· 1 to 2 sentences
· Know your market, go to bookstores big chains and little stores, read NY times bestseller list
· Be professional! Editors like to know they are working with a professional

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