Choose Your Own Fairy Tale Ending!

Do you remember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? I loved them because I always wondered what if the character chose a different path. Now as a novelist, I thought it would be so much fun to write one of those.. but for adults! So I created one for you called Fairy Tale Road. In this story, you get to choose the guy that Scarlett falls in love with. Or you can explore all the potential romantic paths along the way.

Each Sunday, I’ll share with you an episode (or two if there is a choice to be made) on Kindle Vella. Be sure to pay attention to the end of the episode so you can choose which path you wish to take. This is a story that can either be read sequentially or you can pick your path to read. The best part? The first 10 episodes are FREE!

This story is pure fun. It’s the sort of story you read when life gets to be a little too much and you need to escape to Germany and travel along the Fairy Tale Road, wandering through castles and ancient forests.

Here’s the full write-up of this new rom-com fairytale retelling that will be published exclusively on Kindle Vella. Plus, if you follow the story here, you’ll automatically be voting it for the Vellys, Kindle Vella’s summer writing contest!

Fairy Tale Road: Choose Your Happily-Ever-After

Your Choice, Your Fairy Tale

When Scarlett discovers her sister’s heart was broken by the notorious Mr. Wolfe, she travels to Germany to expose this Big Bad Wolf and his Fairy Tale Tours. Disguised as a tourist, she explores the world of the Grimm Brothers’ tales, magical castles, and quaint towns while plotting Wolfe’s demise. But things are not as they seem, and Scarlett soon finds herself entangled in a web of decisions and unexpected romance.

On this interactive romcom adventure, you will guide Scarlett’s path as she navigates a modern retelling of Red Riding Hood. Will she find her true love with the charming Hunter, mysterious Wolfe, or the dazzling Movie Star? Each choice leads Scarlett closer to a different fairy tale ending, filled with twists, laughter, and sizzling romance.

Fairy Tale Road is not just a story—it’s your story. With each decision, you shape Scarlett’s destiny. Choose your fairy tale ending in this interactive Vella serial, where revenge, romance, and the allure of the unknown beckon at every turn. Welcome to a world where the path to love is one choice away. Start reading here!


Kirkus Says Get the Book!

We are absolutely thrilled to get an incredible Kirkus review! Kirkus says The Thief of Time is, “The story is written with a light comic touch, and the unique voices and perspectives of the three central characters distinguish the novel from recent titles in the same genre… a captivating and enjoyable start to what promises to be an engaging series.”

Plus, for their Awards and Accolades, their verdict was the GET IT! YAY! We are so happy.


The Proof Copy for The Thief of Time

The proof copy of THE THIEF OF TIME arrived! It felt amazing to actually hold it in my hands. It’s a real book, ya’ll!

I made a video so you can see the beautiful artwork that Brandon Dorman created and the layout. The book releases in 8 days, and I am just so excited for you to read it. You can preorder the ebook on all vendors (Amazon) and the paperback is available at B&N but should be available on all vendors soon.



Goodreads Giveaway for The Thief of Time

Have you added The Thief of Time to your Goodreads list? If not, this is a great time to do so because there is a giveaway for the book to win one of 100 eBook copies!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Thief of Time by Vivi Barnes

The Thief of Time

by Vivi Barnes

Giveaway ends May 02, 2024.

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Book Launch Party

You are all invited to the Book Launch Party of The Thief of Time! There will be a talk, giveaways, book cake, photos, and autographed books available. It’s going to be such a blast. The Facebook page is located here. You do not need to RSVP to come. We hope you come celebrate with us!


Publishers Weekly Booklife Editor Pick!

I’m thrilled to share with you that The Thief of Time received an editor’s pick for its first trade review. We are over the moon!


“Epic, heart-filled library fantasy-adventure that will inspire and delight. With their delightfully epic middle grade adventure, Barnes, Parker, and Farley offer young readers a compelling portal into imagination and learning that will leave them hungry for more.” —Publishers Weekly Booklife Review

For the full stunning write-up, go here. Here are some lines we loved:
“From literary themed meals to the poet Homer as a dorm-mate—they still must contend with the growing pains faced by young adults everywhere: bullying, imposter syndrome, self-esteem issues, homesickness and fear, all handled with sensitivity. Filled with heart-pounding action and page-turning suspense as a mysterious package points to a traitor within the Library’s ranks, the novel’s unique three-part voice allows readers to fully immerse themselves and identify with the characters. All three protagonists blend harmoniously with each other, bonded first in friendship, then with a common cause. Plentiful life-lesson reminders, such as overcoming fear, perseverance and resilience, are presented in an age-appropriate, organic manner.”
Takeaway: Epic, heart-filled library fantasy-adventure that will inspire and delight.
Comparable Titles: Raymond Arroyo’s Will Wilder series, M.A. Larson’s Pennyroyal Academy series
Production grades:
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Announcing My Newest Middle Grade Novel!

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you the cover and blurb for my next middle grade novel! It will steal your breath away (pun intended!) It’s called The Thief of Time and I cowrote this book with Amy Christine Parker and Vivi Barnes. This contemporary fantasy is perfect for those who love adventures, fantasy, magic, books, librarians, a magical schools, book-themed meals, beds in bookshelves, and adventures across the world!

The Thief of Time is the first in the contemporary fantasy series called The Library of Alexandria Series

It will be in e-book, paperback, and hardcover, releasing on May 7, 2024. It’s available on Amazon right now and all other vendors will be coming soon. You can add it to Goodreads here. And here is the cover created by Brandon Dorman.

Thank you to Rock Stars Book Tours for helping us with our cover reveal. You can enter to win a $25 gift card to celebrate with us. Go here to enter!

Keep reading to see the cover, blurb, and incredible reviews authors and a librarian gave this book!


“The Thief of Time is a thrilling contemporary fantasy that will steal your breath away. Chock full of complex world building and magic that springs from the power of story, this book will definitely keep young readers turning pages.”—Polly Holyoke, award-winning author

Unleash the Magic…

THE THIEF OF TIME is an exciting middle-grade contemporary fantasy adventure that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the realms of magic, friendship, and self-discovery.

On a visit to their local library, Ben, Bridgette, and Maya unwittingly unleash a dragon from an ancient book and find themselves fighting for their lives against a swarm of evil birds. They battle to escape with the help of the dragon and are whisked through a portal into the magical Great Library of Alexandria.

Once they pass the Trials and prove themselves worthy, they are invited to become students at Helicon Academy. There they train to become librarians for the Library of Alexandria, protecting books and the magical artifacts within.

Ben, Bridgette, and Maya fall in love with the story-themed dinners, fantastical animals, and fictional characters roaming the halls. But when they discover a dark and sinister mystery within the academy’s halls, the three must embark on a quest to protect the library and preserve the fabric of time itself.


“Every so often, you read a book with a fictional place that is so full of magic and so full of wonder that you want to live there forever — the library in The Thief of Time is such a place. You’re in for a treat!” —Sarah Beth Durst, award-winning author of Spark

 What a ride! The Thief of Time whisks readers from the immortal Library of Alexandria to adventures across the globe. Maya, Ben, and Bridgette kept me reading to the very end! —Sarah McGuire, author of Flight of Swans and Valiant

We all know books are magic, but in The Thief of Time, they are beyond our expectations! This adventure jumps right in with our protagonists facing an adventure, both physically and mentally, unlike any other I’ve read. Fans of Land of Stories and magical school books are going to devour this new twist on what it means to truly get into a book. —Kellee Moye, librarian and ALAN President

2024 is here!

I’m so excited about all that is in store for 2024! Check out this video where I tell you what I’m up to on my projects. There are a few more that I can’t talk to you about just yet, but I’m hoping to be able to do so soon!

It’s the Release Day for The Dream Hunt!

Today is the day! The Dream Hunt, book 2 in the Dreamscape series, is ready for you to read! I’m so excited for you to dive into this adventurous and thrilling book. When my family visited Peru, I was transported by the beauty, history, and people of this stunning country.

It was while we were exploring the catacombs under the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco in Lima, that my family was like, “You need to write a book set here!” And so I did! That experience inspired me to write a sequel to The Dream Heist.

So I invite you to relive that trip with me (okay, so we weren’t being chased by bad guys, entered nightmares, or survived explosions). As you take your adventure, feel free to use this tracker. The paperback is available on all book outlets and the e-book is available on Amazon and KU. Here are quick links for you:


Barnes and Noble




Thank you for celebrating with me! Grab a virtual cupcake!