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It all began when I was nine, curled under my covers, listening to my father read Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. That’s where the beauty and power of storytelling came to life for me. I was so inspired that I started a writing group in 4th grade. My friends came over and we’d write stories and share them. When I was ten, I submitted my first short story to a magazine. It was rejected. I thought I was a terrible writer. I put writing aside and decided to become a teacher.It was after teaching, traveling internationally, and living in Asia for ten years—eight of which were in Seoul, South Korea—that I decided to tackle my bucket list. ‘Write a book’ happened to be on it. I wrote that book. It was awful, just as I suspected it’d be. But a very strange thing happened. I realized I liked writing. Finally, I’d found that outlet to share the wild stories floating in my head. I was hooked. I wrote and wrote. Finally, I got an agent who found a home for my first novel. And I haven’t stopped writing since. I’m now the author of the Gilded series, The Princess & the Page, and The Dream Heist.

Besides writing, I love traveling, running, playing light sabers with my two Jedi warriors, and eating dark chocolate. I’m slightly obsessed with books. My next challenge to conquer on my bucket list is to visit all the continents, but I’ve heard Antarctica is quite cold. Perhaps that just might be my greatest challenge.

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